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The Dark Road Home

A Dark Prairie Novel, Book II

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After an unfathomable tragedy derails a distraught newlywed's fresh start out West, a surprise attack on the lawless town he's settled in sets him on a breakneck race across the sprawling wilderness to protect his wife before a Native tribe's act of vengeance, a young avenger's thirst for justice, and his own inner demons can converge in violence and threaten all he holds dear. With death and danger encroaching from all sides, he'll be forced to confront the savage truth that on this untamed road, justice rides faster than mercy and revenge shows no remorse.

Still reeling from the savagery he endured on the perilous Santa Fe Trail, James finds refuge in the fierce love of his resilient wife Katie. But in defending their Paiute friend, Mana, he sets off a chain of events which escalates to unimaginable proportions. With Katie’s precarious health in the balance, James finds himself driven to extremes in his quest to protect her. Their friends Carl, and newcomer Kenny, stand alongside him at this fracture point of history, and together they discover home is not a place.

This fast-paced yet contemplative, lyrical novel probes the themes of love, tragedy and transcendence. Prepare for an extraordinary tale of survival, heartbreak, and redemption.

Launching August 2024

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