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John W. Jarrett


The Dark Prairie - Cover Image.jpg

When eight-year-old Bethany is kidnapped from her prairie home in the winter of 1870, her older brother James will stop at nothing to rescue her-even if that means traveling the dangerous Santa Fe Trail.


The Dark Prairie is an introspective adventure that will grip readers with its rich imagery and vivid characters. Provoking readers with its poetry and perspective, this earthy and often humorous story is sure to captivate.

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Still reeling from the savagery he endured on the perilous Santa Fe Trail, James finds refuge in the fierce love of his resilient wife Katie. But in defending their Paiute friend, Mana, he sets off a chain of events which escalates to unimaginable proportions.


This fast-paced yet contemplative, lyrical novel probes the themes of love, tragedy and transcendence. Prepare for an extraordinary tale of survival, heartbreak, and redemption. 

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Spanning decades of hardship in 20th century America, The Quiet Ruin of Thomas Jenks is an emotional family saga of one man’s crisis of faith in the wake of unrelenting adversity.

With vivid characters and emotional depth, this book 

highlights redemption found through a rediscovery of faith and the interconnected bonds that link people through 


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