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The Quiet Ruin of Thomas Jenks

A Poignant, Historic Literary Novel

Spanning decades of hardship in 20th century America, The Quiet Ruin of Thomas Jenks is an emotional family saga one man’s crisis of faith in the wake of unrelenting hardship.

Growing up in Depression-era Harpers Ferry with a family barely surviving, Thomas Jenks faces early hardships that only compound when his overworked father dies, leaving him responsible for his mother. Desperate to provide for her, Thomas serves in WWII, returning home scarred to a senile mother.

Building prosperity at last in North Carolina, Thomas seems to overcome his past, only to plunge into despair once more when fresh tragedy strikes. Consumed by grief, Thomas embarks on a pilgrimage to come to terms with his lifelong hardships.


With vivid characters and emotional depth, The Quiet Ruin of Thomas Jenks highlights redemption found through a rediscovery of faith and the interconnected bonds that link people through hardship and sacrifice.

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